1UC Windows Training Courses
1UC have introduced Windows 10 training to our list of bespoke UC training courses, Windows 10 is an excellent business tool which benefits many companies and although it looks and operate differently from previous windows version Microsoft have ensured many of the new functionalities are intuitive to regular Windows users. That said the developers have included some very handy features that will make using Windows 10 more efficient increasing your employees productivity, but they can be hidden.

This is why Windows training for the End User or Admin training is one of our most popular training courses. Whether it is training new employees, implementing an upgrade to your Operating System or refresher training to increase staff productivity our Windows training will identify shortcuts and jump lists as well as providing comprehensive training on the standard features of the operating system saving you and your company precious time and giving your employees additional confidence in their work.

Below are our Training courses for Windows 10, Our aim is to provide comprehensive training programme which will allow businesses to develop their staff skills.

Windows 10 End User Training
Windows 10 Admin Training
Operating System upgrade training
New Employee induction
Employee development/Upgrade Training

For information on how we assess the training needs of your company please go to Window Training Assessment 

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