Our Adoption Consultant will present a report back to the organisation.

Report Section Detail
Executive Summary An overview of the engagement and recommendations.An Overview of the Solution at a high level, details covered in the sections below 
Current Situation An overview of the challenges facing the organisation
Measures and outcomes A review of the measures identified and recommendations on how to achieve the agreed outcomes.
User Journeys A detailed schedule of all activities impacting a user based on their role (persona) including all engagements, communications and training
Impact Analysis Matrix Role and technologies come together to create the matrix
Change Management Strategy /Communications Plan A suggested framework for communications and engagement plan to promote change and adoption and achieving business goals
Training Plan Detailed training strategy and training deployment plan including specific timelines, resources and deliverables




  • Make existing organizational communication channels available, as needed.
  • Provide access to relevant operational and financial metrics.
  • Facilitate communications and access to stakeholders, especially executive sponsors.
  • Make available any documentation or policies that are relevant or that they are aware of?
  • Provide information on current brand guidelines to allow us to tailor required communication strategy



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