Technology Adoption

Our bespoke adoption program combines unique communications with training strategies.


1UC’s Discovery Assessment is a consultative engagement and can be applied to the following


1) Our team will assess how ‘ready’ an organisation is to realise the value anticipated from a

migration to the brand new installation of Cisco’s Jabber, WebEx and Telepresence


2) If the technologies already exist within the organization, our team will assist in evaluating the

‘Take-Up’ of the technologies, areas of improvement and recommendations of how to increase

the take-up.

 Technology Adoption Methodology



By meeting with stakeholders within your company we will be able to assess the needs and current utilisation of the unified communications system

Stakeholder Meetings


After retrieving information from stakeholders, this information can then be analysed and our findings presented back to you. Previously this has been done through:

  • The creation of graphs & charts
  • Plotting of information upon a Unified Communications matrix
  • Integration with communications strategy


After presentation a plan for execution will be developed to ensure good practise throughout. Examples of processes within execution plan are:

  • Creation of training videos
  • Deliverance of in-person training
  • Live exhibition  in-house, within any communal area

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