About 1UC

Unified communications training & collaboration, consultancy and technology adoption specialists.

1UC was founded by Ashvini Webster in 2007 (Originally called Apple Tree Education) In 2015 the company underwent a re-brand due to an extended list of services.

We are renowned for the quality and timeliness of our work which is bespoke for each client;  Through various engagements at the beginning of all projects we listen and understand the client’s challenges and requirements which they have. Based on the information gathered we can create and deliver one or more of the following elements;

A unique combination of consultancy, communications and training to ensure the technology is adopted, and the required new skills are embedded in the organisation.
What we’ve discovered previously, is that UC deployments of this type need a varied team, an individual  can’t perform all of the roles. For each system implemented we use the best in the business in our team and can bring them in as required.

We also offer multi-lingual training services on a international level. Please see our languages page and countries page for further information.


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